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Initial Contact 1
  • Ground-adapted ankle position helps improve ground compliance and balance.
  • The dynamic carbon fiber foot begins storing energy.
Loading Response 2
  • Proportional Loading simulates natural quadriceps function.
  • Optimal knee resistance generated.
  • Increased comfort and feeling of support across walking speeds.
Mid Stance 3
  • EVO technology optimizes ground force energy vectors.
  • Smooth and stable rollover, with no dead spot.
Terminal Stance 4
  • Carbon fiber foot returns stored energy.
  • Maximum energy return for dynamic push off, so users can do more without feeling exhausted.
Pre Swing 5
  • Easy and effortless swing inititation.
  • Specific toe load not required.
  • Enables smooth and natural walking in confined spaces or crowds.
Initial Swing 6
  • Minimal swing resistance.
  • Powered dorsiflexion ensures consistent ground clearance.
Mid Swing 7
  • Maximum dorsiflexion creates consistent ground clearance that helps reduce trips and falls.
  • Automatic stumble recovery also helps reduce falls by helping users regain balance in the event of a stumble.
Terminal Swing 8
  • Powered ankle flexion automatically positions ankle angle prior to heel strike for optimal ground adaptation.
  • Provides improved stability on a variety of terrain.