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Miami Lumbar®



迈阿密腰围是一种使用方便的腰椎矫形器,用于术后固定、缓解疼痛、以及受伤韧带或肌肉的保护。符合人体解剖学结构的设计完全贴合脊椎轮廓,同时确保更好的固定和病人舒适性。采用这种模块化系统,可以为恢复过程的每个阶段实现递降型治疗方案。 TLSO粘扣可用于确保整体的固定,可达到脊椎T7部位的稳定。


  • 迈阿密腰带:椎管狭窄,腰椎间盘脱出,退行性腰椎疾病。
  • 迈阿密腰带添加前后板支撑(以及TLSO ):术后固定,腰椎间盘脱出,脊椎滑脱,椎弓峡部裂,退行性腰椎疾病,脊椎护具带TLSO附件可达到脊椎T7部位的稳定。
  • 禁忌症:不稳定、移位的脊椎骨折。


  • 符合脊柱正常生理曲线的设计可以完美地贴合脊椎的轮廓,确保更好的固定和病人舒适性。
  • 通过加入航空衬里材料和通风面板,在设计中实现了透气性和患者的依从性。
  • 模块化系统,可自由组配实施递增型和递降型治疗方案。
  • 所有的腰带都可裁剪到合适的尺寸,从而可以降低留存量。
  • 加压系统简化了应用,确保有效的疼痛缓解。
  • 完全可调节式TLSO 附件。
  • 选配的气囊需额外定制。


  • 腰围


Miami Lumbar
SizeWaist Circ.Part #
Universal Miami Lumbar Belt
Universal Standard XS-2XL 26-50" (66-127cm) LMB-06
Universal Large XS-6XL 26-66" (66-167cm) LMB-10
Slim Universal Standard XS-2XL 26-50" (66-127cm) LMBSL-06
Slim Universal Large XS-6XL 26-66" (66-167cm) LMBSL-10
Anterior Panel
Standard  <46"  ( <116cm ) LMB-ST
Slim  <46"  ( <116cm ) LMBSL-ST
Pendulous  >46" ( >116cm ) LMB-PN
Posterior Panel Without Lateral Supports
Small (S) 26-34" (66-86cm) LMB-NS
Medium (M) 34-38" (86-96cm) LMB-NM
Large (L) 38-50" (96-127cm) LMB-NL
XLarge (XL) 50-66" (127-167cm) LMB-NX
Posterior Panel With Lateral Supports
Small (S) 26-34" (66-86cm) LMB-LS
Medium (M) 34-38" (86-96cm) LMB-LM
Large (L) 38-50" (96-127cm) LMB-LL
XLarge (XL) 50-66" (127-167cm) LMB-LX


For ordering SLIM BELT add "SL" to part number e.g. LMBSL-

To order a brace for a specific patient, please refer to the Miami Lumbar - Product Brochure (p. 4). 

Note: Do not use the Miami Lumbar with unstable, displaced fractures 

Miami Lumbar TLSO

Superior immobilization - Modular advantage.

Building on the modularity of the Miami Lumbar LSO, the TLSO Kit helps you reduce your inventory, while enabling you to properly and confidently fit nearly every patient you see. The Miami Lumbar universal belt, a selection of panels, and a T-Connector Kit are all you need on-hand.

Miami Lumbar - TLSO Information Sheet


Miami Lumbar TLSO System
DescriptionPart Number
TLSO system with ATE & PTE LMB-T01
PTE only LMB-T02
Air Bladder LMB-A01
Axillary Straps LMB-A02

The trimmable Miami Lumbar™ belt (slim and regular) combines with optional, heat-moldable anterior and posterior panels to create a customizable, modular system. Step up, or down, the level of support to satisfy the immobilization needs of every patient. human anatomy is curved. Which is why both the Miami Lumbar belt itself and its various support panels are sculpted to hug the contours of the back, improving comfort, stabilization and compliance.

For ordering SLIM BELT add "SL" to part number e.g. LMBSL-